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vmware no vmotion

ottobre 21, 2010

Error on Vsphere 4.0 during a maintenance mode session.

Not all VM do a fully vmotion but there’s some problem, wtf is ?

Serching in google and reading the vmware manuals:

DRS Does Not Move Any Virtual Machines from a Host
Virtual machines are not moved from this host. This may be because of problems with VMotion, DRS, or host compatibility.
The following are the possible reasons:
*  VMotion is not configured or enabled on this host.
*  DRS is disabled for the virtual machines on this host.
*  Virtual machines on this host are not compatible with any other hosts.
*  No other hosts have sufficient resources for any virtual machines on this host.
*  Moving any virtual machines from this host would violate an affinity or anti-affinity rule.
*  DRS is disabled for one or more virtual machines on the host.
*  A device is mounted to the virtual machine.

Ok my problem is the last:

A device is mounted to the virtual machine.

try to Disconnect the cd tray , but vmware give me an error.

Try to check on VM if the cdrom is already mounted and it is. So WTF can I try now?

Try do mount, then to umount the device. NOTHING

then the solution. a simply fucking solution..

eject /dev/cdrom

Removing the device vmware can take it’s fucking vmotion and the host get in maintenance mode.